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1 Morel Mushroom Lane is a FREE site.  The services provided are for the enjoyment of Morel Mushroom Hunters world-wide, and it is my intention to keep 1 Morel Mushroom Lane free for everyone.  However, as time marches on, the costs of providing these services continue to increase.  Web sites have to pay for being a web site.  (The time involved is not much of an issue because I really enjoy the interaction with you.)  I know there are other sites out there, and some of them charge as much as $35.00 per year to be a member.  Others do not have the active discussion board where Morel hunters are eager to post their finds, tips, and thoughts each Spring or the Hall of Honor and Tales of the Motherlode

I'll be honest:  I have considered this route.  My feeling is that you should only have to contribute what you feel a site is worth.  The community and resources here offer a place for you to visit as often as you wish without having to remember usernames and log-ins, worry about your information being compromised, and so on and so forth....

Many of you have been with me for quite a while, and I greatly appreciate it.  I have always said that you folks make 1 Morel Mushroom Lane tick.  All I do is provide the meeting place.

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